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What is a massage therapy suite? What does it take to operate one? What would it cost? What is the potential reward for owning one?  We will tackle all of those questions in this article, presented to you by Hill Country Salon Suites, serving the Georgetown/Hill Country area with affordable and luxury salon suites rentals. Contact us at 512-380-2500 for more information.

Massage therapy suiteWhat is a massage therapy suite?

Today they go by many names.  Massage therapy spas, a massage therapy suite, or a massage therapy studio. Whatever the descriptive name may be, they are businesses where clients/customers to go improve their mobility, to soothe aching muscles, or simply to relax after a long, hard day.

The key word to concentrate on is “suite.” A massage therapy suite is one room as opposed to a massage therapy retail building where numerous salon suites are operated under one business entity, which was the standard business model up until about twenty years ago.

How costly is spa rental space?

The topic of cost explains why salon suites are rapidly gaining in popularity.  Stated simply, imagine leasing a building large enough to have multiple spas. The monthly lease payment alone would be several thousand dollars per month, closer to $5000 per month, possibly more; now add to that the fact that larger always costs more in incidental costs like heating, cooling, furnishings, insurance, etc.

Using the traditional business model, one owner and multiple spa rooms, it would require the owner to have considerable investment capital simply to open such a massage therapy establishment, not to mention keep it operating month to month.  Spa rental space is much less in a salon suite facility.  One room?  Rent of what, a thousand per month? Less? All monthly expenses would cost less with a salon suite rather than a salon building, meaning it would be affordable for the average massage professional.  Suddenly, ownership is not the dream of just the rich.

Spa rental spaceWhat is the potential reward?

Typically, if a person works in a spa owned by someone else, they are considered independent contractors and they work on commission, somewhere in the 40% range of pay.  If you are popular, talented, and do not lack for faithful clients, you can make a decent living as an independent contractor, some actually making close to six figures.

Now consider keeping 100% of the profits you earn.  Let’s say five customers per day, average sale of $100 per visit.  That computes to $500 per day, $2500 per week, $10,000 per month, and over six figures in a year, and that is only from seeing a meager five clients per day.

The potential reward in a massage therapy suite? A very comfortable living and the satisfaction which can only come from owning your own business and being paid what you are worth.

A final word about Hill Country Salon Suites.

Hill Country Salon Suites is locally owned and operated, a husband-and-wife team who want to help the next generation of entrepreneurs to find success and live their dreams.

In addition to opening the 26-salon suites for rent at 5361 Williams Drive, the two entrepreneurs are offering tools to help salon owners take their operations to the next level. Every tenant at Hill Country Salon Suites receives access to their own HVAC thermostat control, brightly lit parking, free Wi-fi, and an HDTV with streaming capability to keep clients (and themselves!) enter- tained. Tenants are listed in an online salon directory, receive social media campaigns promoting their business locally, a press release to help build brand awareness, and access to a 26-step marketing program.

Be your own boss. Take the next step and schedule a tour.