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Please note, the title of this article says “nail salon suites” and not “nail salon.” It is an important distinction, one which may make the difference between you succeeding as a small business owner or going the way of the dinosaur.

We are Hill Country Salon Suites, specializing in outstanding opportunities for small business owners to succeed in the beauty industry. Call us at 512-380-2500 to arrange for a tour of our facilities and check out a nail salon suite for you.

Nail salon suiteWhat are nail salon suites?

A nail salon suite is a specialized type of rental space within a salon or spa where nail technicians can operate their own independent nail salon business. Similar to other types of salon suites, such as those for hairstylists or estheticians, a nail salon suite typically consists of a private, fully enclosed room/suite.

Nail salon suites provide nail technicians with a dedicated space to offer their services and products to clients. These suites can vary in size and amenities but often include essential features such as a manicure table, pedicure chair, storage for supplies and equipment, and sometimes a sink or washbasin for cleaning and sanitizing purposes. Some nail salon suites may also offer additional amenities such as a waiting area, reception desk, or private restroom.

Renting a nail salon suite offers nail technicians greater independence and control over their business compared to working as an employee in a traditional salon. They can set their own hours, choose their own services and pricing, and create a personalized atmosphere within their suite. This arrangement can be particularly appealing to nail technicians who want to build their own brand, cultivate a loyal clientele, and maximize their earning potential.

Be your own boss and start the road to financial freedom.

Why suites instead of a retail building?

In the example stated above, just preparing the building for a grand opening would be a crippling expense for anyone but the rich.  The lease on a retail building will be, at least, several thousand per month. Add to that the furnishings, the tools of the trade, insurance, signage, goods to be sold and, well, you are easily looking at an investment of AT LEAST ten-grand before you ever open the doors for business.

Now, consider nail salon suites.  Shrink that stat-up cost down proportionally to one room rather than one building . . .  one workstation rather than multiple workstations . . . we are talking start-up costs for nail salon suites of around one thousand, meaning suddenly affordable for a talented nail specialist with very little in the way of investment capital.

Nail salon business owner leases nail salon suitesDream big, start small.

This new business model is a victory for the “small guy” in business.  Instead of a talented nail specialist working for commissions, for someone else, it is now possible to work for themselves, keeping 100% of the profits they earn, and absolutely thriving as a business owner rather than an independent contractor making someone else rich.

At places like Hill Country Salon Suites, we make it possible for the one actually doing the hard work to reap the benefits and rewards of that hard work.  But that’s not all in the way of good news.  Included in the monthly lease payment for one of our salon suite rentals are the utilities, WiFi, laundry facilities, and a business/marketing plan, saving you hundreds per month in expenses.

Do the math yourself. Let’s say your monthly expenses, using this business model, total $1500.  How many clients would you need in a month to recoup expenses and begin earning a profit?  Fifteen? Twenty?  In a month? If you have an established following, fifteen customers in a month is nothing; you would do that in the first week, meaning the remainder of your monthly earnings would be profit. Read your guide to starting a profitable nail salon suite.

Dream big, start small!

A final word about Hill Country Salon Suites.

Hill Country Salon Suites is locally owned and operated in Georgetown, Texas, serving the Hill Country with an outstanding business opportunity for anyone who has ever dreamed of owning a nail salon, hair salon, massage parlor, microblading business, etc. Call us today about our luxury salon suites and find out what we can do for you.