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You have always wanted to own a spa, but for years the cost of business ownership/start-up was prohibitive, and so you suppressed your dream.

It is no longer necessary to suppress that dream.

We are Hill Country Salon Suites, serving the Greater Georgetown Metro area with luxury salon suites, for rent, and an affordable spa rental space package which is a proven winner. Call us at 582-380-2500 for more information about pricing, availability, and to arrange for a tour of our facility.

Salon suite with calming colors

What is a spa?

A spa is a facility that offers a variety of health and wellness treatments, often focused on improving physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Spas typically provide services such as massages, facials, body treatments, manicures, pedicures, and other beauty and relaxation treatments.

Spas can vary widely in terms of size, offerings, and ambiance. Some spas are small and focused on specific treatments or therapies, while others are large and offer a wide range of services in a luxurious setting.

The atmosphere in a spa is usually designed to promote relaxation and rejuvenation, with features such as calming music, soothing scents, comfortable seating areas, and serene décor. Many spas also offer amenities like saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, and relaxation lounges for guests to enjoy before or after their treatments.

Spas provide a retreat-like experience where individuals can unwind, pamper themselves, and take a break from the stresses of everyday life.

Is this a good time to own a spa?

When is it a bad time to own a spa? Spa sales/numbers were up during COVID, so now that COVID is in the rearview mirror, sales are as good as one could hope for.  You will hear this and that about how tough the economy is, but our experience is this: no matter how iffy the economy may be, people find a way to pay for creature comforts like a trip to the spa, or a trip to the beauty salon or a Sun City hair salon.  The beauty industry seems to be a recession-proof industry, and especially when we are talking about a small spa rather than a large one.  A one station spa, with a single owner, with low overhead, will do quite well as long as the service is outstanding.

Esthetician salon suite

Is Georgetown a good location for a salon?

Georgetown, Texas, is seeing a growth spurt, currently around 68,000 residents, but that is expected to grow appreciably heading towards 2030.  The Austin area is exploding in growth, and communities on the fringe of Austin will see the overflow.  And those new residents will need goods and services.

Is this appraisal as sunny in all parts of the country? Certainly not; there are depressed areas in the U.S., there are areas losing population (Anchorage, anyone?), and there is no way we would suggest opening a new business in an area where the population is experiencing a mass exodus.

But Georgetown? A safe bet to rent a salon suite!

Why Hill Country Salon Suites?

If you are going to open a spa, and you are going to lease a spa suite for rent, why not go with the best salon suite facility in the Hill Country?  Settling for second best is not a good business strategy, ever, and Hill Country Salon Suites leads the way in the Hill Country area.

A bold statement? The sales figures don’t lie, and a simple visit to Hill Country Salon Suites, and a chat with some of the current clients, will be all the verification you need.

A final word about Hill Country Salon Suites.

Locally owned and operated.  Low salon suite rental prices.  An amenities package which includes the following:

  • All utilities
  • WiFi
  • Free television
  • Laundry facilities
  • 26-step business plan
  • Marketing support
  • Personalized web page
  • The full weight of the Hill Country name for support.

You are never alone at Hill Country Salon Suites.  Our goal is to support the next wave of entrepreneurs, all the while providing the best opportunity to succeed in a beauty salon.

If you are a talented beautician, if you have a desire to succeed, if you want to keep 100% of your profits, and if you have a dream, call Hill Country Salon Suites.

Are You Ready To Rent A Salon Suite?

Hill Country Salon Suites offers luxury salon space for beauty and spa professionals who want the freedom and flexibility to run their own business. Located in Georgetown, in the hill country of Texas. We have the tools to help you establish and grow your business.

  • Profit Calculator– Use The Hill Country Salon Suites Profit Calculator To See The Profit You Can Make.
  • Salon Suite Amenities – See what amenities Hill Country offers to their tenants.
  • Why Choose Hill Country Salon Suites – Need more reasons to rent salon space at Hill Country? Let us show you why spa and beauty professionals choose us.
  • Salon Business Software – Salon software to help you run your business. Free to our tenants.
  • View Our Gallery Of Salon Suites- Design your salon suite to fit your business brand. Take a virtual tour of the suites at Hill Country.

If you have questions, need more information or want to visit Hill Country Salon Suites, contact us. We are locally owned and operated.