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The best opportunity for owning hair salons Georgetown is at Hill Country Salon Suites, and in this article, we will tell you why we make that claim.

We are Hill Country Salon Suites, serving the Greater Georgetown area with twenty-six affordable luxury salon suites. Call us at 512-380-2500 for information about pricing and availability on hair salons Georgetown.

Inexpensive hair salons Georgetown.

Hair salons georgetown

What would you expect to pay for a lease on a stand-alone hair salon retail establishment?  How about one at a shopping mall? Or shopping center?  Better yet, how about in downtown Fort Worth?  $3000 per month? $4000? More? Now let’s add to those utilities, the cost of WiFi, the cost of insurance, furnishings, damage deposit . . . shall we go on?  Is it any wonder that only those with substantial savings, or a generous benefactor/investor, can afford to own a hair salon or beauty salon.

Which brings the discussion to Hill Country Salon Suites and hair salons Georgetown. What if we told you there are retail spaces available where all expenses will only total, at most, $2000 per month, that you could open a hair salon, or beauty salon, or any type of health/beauty salon you can imagine, for less than you would pay for most home mortgages? And you keep 100% of the profits? What would you say to that?

The scenario we just outlined is what you will find at Hill Country Salon Suites; it si not a fabricated “what if.” It is real, it is happening now, and you can be a part of this success story.

The advantage of the Hill Country Business Model.

The beauty of this business model is that it works.  Hill Country remains profitable as long as we keep our salon suites rented, and we make sure we keep our suites occupied by offering the best deal on salon suites for rent.  But we then go a step further. We offer a multi-step business plan based upon our many years of business ownership and entrepreneurship.  And we then offer marketing support, taking the guesswork out of ownership, taking the stress out of ownership, and taking the feeling of isolation out of ownership.  No matter what your background in business is, we will walk you through this process and teach you how to be a profitable owner in the beauty industry.

Available to everyone with skill and desire.

Who qualifies for this opportunity? Anyone with the initial rent payment, that’s who!  What you need to bring to the table is your skill and a strong desire to succeed; coupled with a great work ethic, we have a track record which proves that this business model will work for you.

Are you made from the right stuff? Not everyone is, so think long and hard about that question.  Are you self-motivated? Are you driven to succeed? Are you tired of working for someone else, so tired that you will do whatever it takes to make it in this business? If so, pick up the phone, give us a call, and let’s get you started on the Road to Success.

A final word about Hill Country Salon Suites.

Hill Country Salon Suites is locally owned and operated. It was founded, not only as an investment opportunity, but as a way for the owners to help the next generation of entrepreneurs to succeed. Call us today and join that next generation of successful business owners.


Calling All Wellness & Beauty Professionals

Are You Ready To Rent A Salon Suite?

Hill Country Salon Suites offers luxury salon space for beauty and spa professionals who want the freedom and flexibility to run their own business. Located in Georgetown, in the hill country of Texas. We have the tools to help you establish and grow your business.

  • Profit Calculator– Use The Hill Country Salon Suites Profit Calculator To See The Profit You Can Make.
  • Salon Suite Amenities – See what amenities Hill Country offers to their tenants.
  • Why Choose Hill Country Salon Suites – Need more reasons to rent salon space at Hill Country? Let us show you why spa and beauty professionals choose us.
  • Salon Business Software – Salon software to help you run your business. Free to our tenants.
  • View Our Gallery Of Salon Suites- Design your salon suite to fit your business brand. Take a virtual tour of the suites at Hill Country.

If you have questions, need more information or want to visit Hill Country Salon Suites, contact us. We are locally owned and operated.