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Everything you need to know about “rent a spa room” can be found in this article by Hill Country Salon Suites, leading the way in the Georgetown area with twenty-six affordable luxury salon suite rental opportunities. Call us at 512-380-2500 for more information about current pricing and salon suites availability.

Esthetician salon suite

What does it mean to rent a spa room?

Let’s say you want to own spa.  You’ve always wanted to own a spa, but it was always cost prohibitive.  You certainly don’t have the money to purchase a retail building and, in fact, you don’t even have the investment capital to rent a retail building, not at today’s prices, no chance of that happening.

But, what if you could shrink your dream down to a single spa room rather than a spa building?  What if you could pay less than a thousand dollars per month rather than several thousand per month? Could you afford that?  And what if many of your overhead expenses were included in that room rental? Now could you afford it?

Those are the basics of the “rent a spa room” business model, the term “spa room” interchangeable with “rent a salon suite” or “salon studio” or any other combination of similar words. Thus, if you come across a “rent a salon suite” opportunity, it basically means “rent a salon room.”

Can it be profitable?

It not only can be profitable, but it is profitable, in thousands of salon booth rental locations across the United States.  Let’s use our own Hill Country Salon Suites for an example.

We will rent you a salon suite for your spa.  It is a short-term rental, renewed as you want, so no long-term commitments to concern you.  Included in the rental price are the following amenities:

  • 24/7 Access to your own private suite
  • Split leasing available
  • Marketing tricks and tips on promoting your business.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Established social media and online presence.
  • HDTVs in each suite
  • Free Press Release to promote your business on the web
  • Fully enclosed, private, locking suites.
  • Decorate your suite with your personal style!
  • Control the temperature of your suite with your very own AC/Heater!
  • Washers and dryers on site – FREE laundry for you to use and we provide soap!
  • Complimentary personal web page
  • All utilities included.
  • Ample and brightly lit parking area
  • Ask about our Maternity Leave Program
  • Single and double sized suites available

These amenities alone will save you $300-$500 per month in overhead expenses.  All then, for you to pay for, is your first rental payment, the cost of a business license, the cost of insurance, and any decorating expenses you deem necessary before you open for business.

Is it profitable? We estimate that if you average five customers per day you will earn a comfortable living.  If you see ten customers per day you will be financially fluid and comfortable.

Do you have what it takes?

Rent a spa room

This, then, is the question you must ask yourself. Do you have what it takes to be an owner and not an employee? Remember, there is no safety net in this new business model.  Your bills do not get paid if you do not produce. That fact alone is enough to scare off some people.  You will oversee making all the decisions, and each decision will have a direct effect/impact on your profit.  Some people are not comfortable with that kind of pressure.

Our advice: think long and hard about taking this leap.  This is your future. This is your financial foundation at stake.  What we can tell you without hesitation is that this business model works for those who are destined to be business owners.

A final word about Hill Country Salon Suites.

Do you want to rent a spa room? Hill Country Salon Suites is locally owned and operated, and we have a spa room for you. Call us today and ask us about the business plan and marketing strategy we will share with you once you sign our rental agreement.