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Looking to rent a Georgetown physical therapist office? If so, this article should interest you. We are Hill Country Salon Suites, serving the Greater Georgetown area with outstanding values on the rental of salon suites for professionals such as yourself. Call us at 512-380-2500 for more information and to arrange for a tour of your future office space.

Physical therapist suite

Physical therapy is growing in this country.

Physical therapy is a $40 billion industry showing a 5% growth in the United States. There are over 122,000 physical therapist offices in this country, with over a half-million professionals operating in the industry.  It is safe to say that physical therapy is not going away anytime soon.

The cost of opening a physical therapist office.

Let’s break the cost factor down, using traditional industry average cost figures:

  • Business name and official documentation $175 yearly renewal
  • Business license and permits $200 yearly renewal
  • Insurance including malpractice $750 monthly
  • Business cards and brochures $250 recurring cost tied to supply.
  • Website construction and setup $2000 one-time expense
  • Equipment and furnishings $10,000 one-time expense
  • Office space rental $3700 monthly
  • Space preparation $1500 one-time expense.
  • Utilities $1500 monthly

Conservatively speaking, it will take close to $20,000 to reach the stage where you can open your doors for business.

Moving forward, the average price for a one-hour physical therapy session is $100.  Looking at just the monthly projected expenses, totaling close to $6000 per month, you will need to see sixty clients, in a month, to break even. In a twenty-day work month, to break even, you will need to average three clients per day just to meet expenses for the physical therapist office.

Again, we caution, these are industry average figures. Still, they do paint a daunting picture, one which point to the fact that only those with considerable funds can afford to open a physical therapy office and then have a chance at making the office a profitable business.

Physical therapy

The Hill Country business model.

Why is Hill Country Salon Suites so successful? One reason is because we make the rental process affordable for those who are not rich.  Our monthly rental on our luxury salon suites is considerably less than the cost listed above.  Utilities are included in that rental. Our salon suite comes furnished.  We provide each client with a web page.  Conservatively speaking, we save our clients about $4000 in monthly expenses.  Taking the scenario mentioned earlier, subtracting the $4000 in savings, you are then looking at $2000 in expenses monthly, meaning you would need to see twenty customers per month to break even, or one per day, and suddenly our salon suite rental business model looks very, very appealing.

Is this a dream? Not at all. It is playing out daily in our luxury salon suites, all filled with professionals in the beauty and health industries, all making it work because we offer an affordable entry into this business, and we provide continual support and expertise to help our clients continue to increase their profits.

A final word about Hill Country Salon Suites.

Hill Country Salon Suites is locally owned and operated in Georgetown Texas.  We are standing by to help you turn a dream into a reality. Call us today to arrange  a tour, and find out just how easy this process can be. And don’t forget about our monthly salon suite specials and refer a friend cash!


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