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Looking for a salon rental near me (you)?  Depending upon the size of the city you live in, you may have more options than you thought possible.  In this article, we will talk about the various options you have, the cost of each, and then we will introduce you to a business model we believe to be very affordable and attractive.

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Salon rental

Salon rental near me options.

Again, the size of the city you live in will determine the number of options you have regarding affordable and desirable salon suites for rent.  Assuming you live in a reasonably large city, your options for a salon rental near me should be:

  • Standalone retail location
  • Mall location
  • Downtown location
  • Strip mall location

There are, naturally, pros and cons of each option for a salon rental near me.

The standalone will often net you great traffic flow, but it will also cost you more, in most cases, than the other options listed here.  The Mall location is the best for foot traffic, but it also means you will have to deal with rules and regulations set by the Mall management, and you are surrounded by competition for the consumer dollars.  The downtown location is great for foot traffic and drive-by, but oftentimes it is cost-prohibitive, and in some cities the downtown corridor is dying or on its last breath.  And, finally, the strip mall, great for traffic (depending on location, of course), about middle of the pack for cost, but also requires adherence to the mall management.

The comparable costs of each.

Any standalone retail location is going to be costly.  Size will also, obviously, play a role in the cost.  Of the four, the least-expensive will, most times, be the strip mall option, but even that option will set you back a couple thousand dollars per month in rent, plus utilities.  Let’s say, best case scenario, three-thousand dollars per month.

That’s a hefty price tag for a fledgling business, especially when you consider the other costs related to opening a hair salon, beauty salon, nail salon, massage therapy suite, or other related business.  Add in furniture, signage, initial advertising, decorations, and you are looking at an initial cash outlay of close to ten-thousand dollars.

Cost-prohibitive for many people!

A business model to consider.

Which brings us to a fifth option, a salon suite rental, in essence leasing one salon suite, or salon studio, and operating a scaled-down version of the traditional salon.  This is much more affordable, and it is the business model sweeping through the salon industry these days.

How does it work? You rent a single room, for as little as $1000 in some cities, and in many cases, like Hill Country Salon Suites, the utilities and many other secondary costs are included.  Mind you, the monthly rental fee will differ from city to city, but what will not differ is the fact that this is the least-expensive option available, and a very attractive option for those who are cash-strapped and hoping to some day become a salon owner.

A final word about Hill Country Salon Suites.

Hill Country Salon Suites leads the way in the Georgetown area with twenty-six very attractive and very affordable salon suites.  Our amenities package is second to none, our business plan will keep you on the right path, and our marketing tips and suggestions will save you thousands while earning you thousands. Call us today.

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