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A spa room for rent typically refers to a room within a spa or wellness facility that is available for rental. How much does a spa room for rent cost? What are the advantages of a spa room for rent?

We will answer all of those questions about spa rooms for rent in this article by Hill Country Salon Suites, serving the Greater Georgetown area with our twenty-six salon suite rental units.  Call us at 512-380-2500 for more information about current prices and availability.

Salon and suitesWhat are spa rooms for rent?

In order to understand what spa space for rent is, you need to think of traditional spas you may have visited. The traditional spa business model is multiple spa rooms in a retail establishment; in addition, there is usually a reception desk as well as a waiting room.

Now, take that traditional model, and shrink it down into a business entity which is all included in one room.  You, the spa owner, are renting one spa rental space, rather than renting a building or set of suites, and that makes this business model, the spa space, very affordable for those who are not rich, which is basically 99% of the populace.

What does a spa space cost?

The rental cost is a bit difficult to narrow down in an article like this one. The cost will depend upon the city you are located in, as well as the amenities included in the monthly rental fee.

We have seen salon suites rent for as low as $75 per week, or $300 per month in a four-week month period.  In cities like Los Angeles, in Beverly Hills, for example, it is not unheard of for spa suites to rent for $500 or more per week.

But that is only part of the story of cost. What amenities are included in the rental cost can make a huge difference when talking about overhead and profitability.

Free use of washer and dryer and free laundry soapSuite Amenities

For example, at Hill Country Salon Suites, we include the following amenities with all rental fees:

  • 24/7 Access to your own private suite
  • Split leasing available
  • Marketing tricks and tips on promoting your business
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Established social media and online presence
  • HDTV’s in each suite
  • Free Press Release to promote your business on the web
  • Fully enclosed, private, locking suites
  • Decorate your suite with your personal style!
  • Control the temperature of your suite with your very own AC/Heater!
  • Washers and dryers on site – FREE laundry for you to use and we provide the soap!
  • Complimentary personal web page
  • All utilities included
  • Ample and brightly lit parking area
  • Ask about our Maternity Leave Program
  • Single and double sized suites available.

And that, right there, makes this a very affordable business model for the average spa professional.

Why rent spa space?

Spa rooms for rent

Even though this is an excellent business opportunity, the reality is that not everyone is wired to be a business owner. Some people are perfectly suites for being an employee or an independent contractor working in a spa owned by someone else.

However, if you are business ownership material, the “why” is because you will be in charge of your financial future.  You will keep 100% of the profits rather than work for commissions.  And you will end each day with a sense of satisfaction you never felt when you were an employee.

A final word about Hill Country Salon Suites.

Hill Country Salon Suites is locally owned and operated by a husband-and-wife team who believes in helping the next generation of entrepreneurs in the Hill Country.  Call us if you have the itch to own your own spa; we will do everything possible to help you scratch that itch.

Are You Ready To Be Your Own Boss?

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