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You may have seen ads for “spa space for rent,” but were unsure what that means. We will break it all down for you in this article by Hill Country Salon Suites, serving the Georgetown area with affordable luxury salon suites. Call us at 512-380-2500 for more information about our spa rental space prices and availability.

Massage therapy suiteWhat is a spa space for rent?

A spa space for rent is a suite where a person can operate their own massage therapy suite, spa, nail salon, or any other beauty or wellness related business.  Think traditional spa shrunk down to one suite room and you will have a clear picture of spa space for rent.

Whereas traditional spas are entire buildings, a spa space rental is one room or a double room; whereas a traditional spa might have multiple client suites where multiple employees work with customers, a spa room rental is one spa worker working with one customer at a time.

Infinitely more affordable than traditional retail space for rent.

The main reason, the most attractive reason, for renting spa space, is the cost.  A traditional spa building might cost thousands of dollars per month in rental payments, a single suite will only cost a couple hundred dollars per week.  In point of fact, all operating expenses are less when you operate a one-person spa rather than a multi-room, multi-employee spa, and that is why this new business model has become so popular.  It makes business ownership possible for those with limited investment capital.  In other words, a person who was once an employee in a spa can now afford to be their own boss.

Spa space for rentAre you satisfied earning what you are earning?

Which leads us to this question: are you being paid what you are worth? If you are working in a traditional spa, you are most likely being paid a commission in the neighborhood of 40%.  If you work with a customer and that customer pays $100, your percentage will net you $40 while the spa owner earns $60.

Are you satisfied with that earning structure? If not . . . if you would like to earn 100% of every dollar you bring into the company, then you really need to consider a spa space for rent.

A final word about Hill Country Salon Suites.

In addition to opening the twenty-six salon suites at 5361 Williams Drive, the two entrepreneurs are offering tools to help salon owners take their operations to the next level. Every tenant at Hill Country Salon Suites receives access to their own HVAC thermostat control, brightly lit parking, free Wi-fi, and an HDTV with streaming capability to keep clients (and themselves!) enter- tained. Tenants are listed in an online salon directory, receive social media campaigns promoting their business locally, a press release to help build brand awareness, and access to a 26-step marketing program.


“We want to be the best chapter in our salon owners’ careers,” says Melanie.


“We are here to support small business owners with the capabilities and confidence to do their work effectively and profitably, while giving the community a wonderful place to relax and realize their personal beauty goals.”